Change Log


ADDED Task Assessment import in SMS format (beta release)
UPDATED Enabled bulk emailing for ‘Task Assessment’ profiles
FIXED Fixed ID area attendance labels when YTD+A is selected
FIXED Fixes applied for Absence list import from previous year


FIXED Repair for new Task Assessment export using SMS format
FIXED Fix for QCE heading on Senior Schooling list view


ADDED All New Bubble Chart, showing a students position compared to their peers. This can be run for Senior Schooling ISMG progress scores or for GPA, EPA, BPA, Attendance, NAPLAN or PAT scores. You can run any one datapoint with multiple students per page or compare up to 6 data points on one page for a single student
ADDED All new Export format for Task Assessment data collection using the same format as required to upload into SMS. Can be exported without data for data collection or with data for upload into SMS. Found as an option inside the existing Task Assessment export button. Note: new matching import coming soon
ADDED Added a new page two option for the bottom half of the profile called ‘Coaching Notes & Goals’. This shows the coaching notes normally only shown on datawalls, and not the regular notes field
FIXED Fix applied to restore missing zeros at the start of LUI numbers during the ‘VET Template’ import


UPDATED Hiding a subject now allows you to hide from the results and/or unit progress portals separately. Useful for hiding non-ATAR lines from ATAR views. This only effects the 10-12 views
UPDATED Task Assessment displays now support A-E grades if imported or calculated from settings
UPDATED Added ‘Learning Plan Notes;’ to the 10-12 section and moved the settings to reset the headings to ‘General 2’
UPDATED Relabelled buttons from SMP (Student Management Portal) to SMS (Student Management System) for consistency
FIXED Absence list import fixes
FIXED Added more room for calculated ATAR value from QISSS import for when there are 2 decimal places
FIXED Other small fixes


ADDED New import for QISSS calculated results. Also added a new profile option and 5 per page datawall to view the information
ADDED New profile option to show both estimated and awarded VET contributions side by side in the one VET portal. The toggle will highlight the one that is being used to contribute to the total the right
UPDATED the SMS Results export now creates a separate csv file per subject selected as is required for upload
FIXED Corrections after the tag changes that prevented the tag value list from showing when adding new tags


ADDED New settings for Tags to better handle extensive tags lists. Your existing lists will transfer to the new format found in their own tab on the settings page. The new functionality includes a memo field to explain what tags mean, ability to relabel tags that are already applied and the ability to delete a tag entirely from the system from the settings page. Future releases will include a mouse over to see the memo from tags displayed on profiles and list views
ADDED New export called ‘SMS Unit Results’ in a format to upload into the student management system. This allows schools to use TrackEd to aggregate and cross-check unit outcomes before sending to SMS, making for an efficient workflow
ADDED New export and import process for ‘Learning Support’ data collection. Includes just the learning support and national data collection fields from the enrolment interview section. This allows for targeted data collection without all the other enrolment interview fields in the template
ADDED New Two page profile for ‘Task Assessment’ results. Shows 6 subjects, task feedback and areas to improve, and VET and QCE totals. Found on the task assessment profile
ADDED New 5 per page datawall called ‘VET, QCE and Unit Progress’. This is the most complete datawall for Senior Schooling related data
ADDED New 9 and 15 per page datawalls called ‘QCE and Units’ showing unit outcomes over units 1, 2 and ‘3&4’
ADDED New column in engagement list view showing the % attendance in the selected week range. This column is alongside the existing YTD % column for comparison
ADDED New settings option for an alternate TrackEd_Docs folder path. Found on the general 2 settings tab this allows you to choose either the desktop or the D drive
ADDED New account type called “data entry no import”. This allows all TrackEd functionality but prevents importing new data. To change an account you do have to delete it and re-add it with the new account type
ADDED New ‘Quadrant Coaching’ profile option added to more places. Each quadrant can be labelled near the middle of the quarters and data entered nearer the outsides. This is a simple visual tool used for coaching conversions. For example the labels for a Senior Schooling student may be… Top: Goals, Left: Points in Program, Right: Points lost, Bottom: Action Plan
UPDATED Removed imports that are no longer required – FULLOPS, SLIMs, QCS
UPDATED Supplementary tab has been reformatted to include learning support and national data collection fields formerly only on the enrolment interview profile
UPDATED Extension and Support now allows up to 25 fields per column (increased from 15). Please note the export template has changed to accomodate this. Also added a new list view and page two profile option to show all 100 fields
UPDATED The ‘Unit Progress’ find option now allows you to show all subjects in the report. The report itself now allows manual edits formal fields and allows setting the predicted/confirmed flag. This allows schools to use TrackEd as the aggregation point before uploading cross-checked values to SMS
UPDATED Task Assessment imports now accept letter grades as well as ISMG points
UPDATED Task Assessment imports now allow importing mock EA results. These are displayed as criteria 10 on the profiles
UPDATED Absence List import now allows imports from previous years. Please note that updated year levels may affect calendar rules for year 10-12 students with staggered final last school days
UPDATED Reduced lag on the welcome splash page for faster startup times
FIXED Fixed the assessed and cumulative fields in the Senior Schooling display option on the profile
FIXED Fixed the literacy and numeracy subject codes lists to include EAL, ESE, MAN & MAS
FIXED Fixed a bug with social interactions not refreshing in some cases


ADDED A new customisable user field added to the ProgressTracker report. You can still choose a rank and sort field, however this lets you overlay a 3rd value of your choice over any ProgressTracker, to compare any 3 things
UPDATED The report generated from the Unit Progress find option now lets you toggle S/U values and provisional/confirmed colours
UPDATED Setting to show year level rather than roll class now works on the profile, lists and datawalls. This is useful for schools with vertical roll classes
UPDATED Added “VET Template” export to pink export button
UPDATED Enrolment Interview import now allows you to set both learning support checkboxes with each import
UPDATED Senior Schooling tab of the profile now shows Task Assessment data (but cumulative total is still not connected)
UPDATED Results colour codes now support the R6 format (A01 to E10)
UPDATED Allowed restricted access levels to use class builder and do QISSS export
UPDATED Navigation script now returns to profile page quicker from the list page
FIXED Now supports special characters such as Umlauts during name imports
FIXED SMP Unit results import fixed when LUI numbers had leading zeros removed by excel
FIXED Removed name on NAPLAN tabs when in De-identify mode
FIXED Applied fix for D and E level Effort and Behaviour colour codes
FIXED Repaired ‘datawall’ report menu option
FIXED Added another repair to class builder to help social interactions refresh correctly
FIXED Repaired issue with some class builder allocations not showing in previous list
FIXED Other small fixes


ADDED All new QISSS export process for the ATAR calculation trial. This is a two part process, with a template export/import to collect the raw score value (0-100) and then an export in the QISSS format. Watch out for a video explainer to come soon. 
ADDED In selected 5 per page datawalls added 9 all new selectable ‘notes’ options to allow all new combinations of data on a single datawall
ADDED New landing page when TrackEd starts to make the support, change-log, video training and tips & highlights websites much more accessible. 
FIXED Repair to effort trend indicator on ‘Latest, Trend and Attendance’ profile tab option
FIXED Repair to Enrolment interview import to properly capture feeder school
FIXED Repair to Extension and Support import


IMPORTANT The v3.329 release contains the new ‘Task Assessment’ features for Senior Secondary teams collecting ISMG scores for Units 3&4, and for Units 1&2 if applicable. These features should be considered ‘beta’ until some schools have had a chance to test them. 
UPDATED Task Assessment % added to display and underlying changes to retain criteria settings between calendar years
FIXED Repairs for enrolment interview export format
FIXED Social interactions now display correctly in class builder


IMPORTANT The v3.327 release contains the new ‘Task Assessment’ features for Senior Secondary teams collecting ISMG scores for Units 3&4, and for Units 1&2 if applicable. These features should be considered ‘beta’ until some schools have had a chance to test them.
ADDED New Task Assessment export. Allows you to select a unit, subject and task to export a template to be filled in. Also has an option to export one template per teacher. It is important to use the right template for the right task so the criteria and scores are set correctly.
ADDED New Task Assessment import. The templates all have a unit, subject and task identifier in them so TrackEd knows which is which on import. You can also import a folder of spreadsheets at a time, which can be from any unit, subject and task.
ADDED New Task Assessment alternative profile with 3 view options, 6 subjects, 3 subjects with feedback and 6 subjects with VET and QCE
ADDED New Task Assessment display option in the middle section of the student profile
ADDED New Task Assessment settings area to attribute scores to criteria for units 1&2 if needed. Found on the general settings tab
UPDATED 2 Page profile has been updated with new profile options to match one page profile
UPDATED Added some new subject codes to the results sort order. Added some new subject codes as a literacy/numeracy pass
FIXED Repaired Differentiation and Extension & Support template exports to include student names.


ADDED Class Builder now has the option to set multiple ‘preset classes’ by pasting in lists of IDs, then sort remaining students into classes using our streaming and distributing workflows. Useful when some classes are defined by application or support needs and others need some TrackEd magic. This will make very complex class composition far easier and dare I say fun 🙂
ADDED Class Builder name search, lock and additional notes functionality to make working with your class allocations easier and more efficient. The new class list with notes option allows you to print and email allocation notes as well
UPDATED The class builder interface has also had a facelift to better accommodate the new options above
UPDATED Short courses completed in year 10 will now attribute QCE points and literacy and numeracy passes
FIXED The class builder ‘add students’ option will now only add remaining and new students from the current cohort. If no cohort was selected TrackEd will ask which to add from
FIXED Repaired results import for Prep students
FIXED Repaired summary fields for selected weeks on the ‘Attendance’ list view


ADDED Added a new display option to the middle of the profile called ‘Latest Trends, Attendance and Tags’
UPDATED Made unit outcomes manually editable on the profile
FIXED Repaired mis-aligned ‘tags’ selection window when bundling datawalls


ADDED ALL NEW – 11 new 5 student per page datawall options showing 3 years of Acheivement, Behaviour and Effort Scores along with GPA, BPA and EPA. All 3 year windows from P-12 are covered so you can select the optimal datawall for each cohort. Also for 7-12 it will show the last interim result until a semester result is availble
ADDED ALL NEW – GPA, BPA & EPA Graph for a found set or for each roll class in a found set. This report is found as a ‘graph’ button inside the existing GPA, BPA & EPA History report
FIXED Applied a fix for the VET Template import which could duplicate lines with multiple templates were used for different courses


FIXED Applied a fix for QCE calculations after subject changes
FIXED Applied a fix for the Results Search when using multiple ‘other’ achievement boxes with the ‘AND’ option selected
FIXED Enlarged ‘subject name’ field on the latest results tabs to better view long subject names
FIXED Moved the ‘Results 8-10’ display option from the 7-9 section into the 10-12 section


ADDED New ‘SMP Unit Results’ import allowing you to import unit outcomes (S or U) from Student Management
ADDED New ‘VET Template’ import allowing you to keep a spreadsheet of external VET progress to import into TrackEd at any time
IMPORTANT All new import guides are available with instructions for all new imports. Please download from the ‘download’ page on this site
UPDATED Class Builder now has an extra field called ‘randomiser’ which can be used in any ratio with existing fields to help with semi-streamed classes
UPDATED Class Builder now also has an ID list option for setting a found set of students, or excluding a list of students from a cohort for class building. This is useful for combination streamed and random classes, and for composite classes
UPDATED Updated the way Class Builder creates evenly distributed classes to better spread out by gender
UPDATED New setting to show year level in place of roll class at the top of profiles and 5 per page data walls. Can be toggled on settings page
FIXED Improved absence list import when running on server and enabled it as an option again
FIXED Made fixes for NAPLAN Item Response import which was not working for some schools
FIXED Used an alternative method for drawing bar charts in the ‘TT single result’ and ‘TT improvement’ reports for improved printing support on all systems


ADDED Behaviour tabs added to more sections on the 1 and 2 page profiles
UPDATED Added setting for show/hide staff ids on Behaviour portals
FIXED Fixed colour formatting for ENG, MAT and SCI results on the latest results tab
FIXED Increased size of roll class box on Attendance lists. Also conditional formatting for longer values
FIXED Added conditional hide on Attendance Check layout so they no longer show when empty
FIXED Turned off absence list ‘process on server’ option. This may be reinstated later.


IMPORTANT More fixes and optimisations to the Absence List import. This update is recommended for anyone on v3.305 to v3.311 who are experiencing issues with the absence list import. Since we started tinkering this script now runs 40% quicker too
UPDATED Enrolment interview profile now has a PDF option
UPDATED Added a new option for the one page Behaviour profile and second page behaviour option to show both positive and negative behaviours at the same time. Also reformatted the reports to look better
UPDATED During a results import any subject names with the word “Certificate” will get shortened to “Cert” so they display better on profiles
UPDATED ID attend users can now import the absence list import to update absence totals shown on the engagement list view
FIXED Sending emails to teachers will now work better when using Outlook as we have changed the emails strings with multiple addresses from comma separated to semi colon separated


ADDED Added NAPLAN Item Response answer key for all 2019 tests
UPDATED Bulk email now works on many of the alternate profiles (eg attendance check)
IMPORTANT Another important fix for the absence list import for a bug introduced in v3.305, this time for the YTD% total when replacing just a few weeks on import. This is a very complex script and we thank you for your patience
FIXED Fixed issues with the sort order on the 5 per page datawalls
FIXED Added a check on start up for if the TrackEd window is trying to open off the page (can happen in some multi-monitor setups). Can also now reposition the TrackEd window to the top left with “Control + 1” shortcut
FIXED Fix to absence list import error shown in very limited scenarios


ADDED Added a new student popover button to all list views, showing a photo and detailed student information relevant to year level and links to OneSchool pages for that student. Click the blue icon at either end of a row to see the detail or hover to see the students name. All this without leaving the list view you are on!
ADDED Added ‘Wellbeing Check’ and ‘Success Check’ profile options to Progress Check profile. These are useful for various purposes, go check ’em out.
ADDED Added ‘Term’ and ‘1 Week, 3 Week, Term & YTD’ options to Attendance Check profile. Again different variations to help cover more use cases.
UPDATED Changed Parent List import to use .xlsx format as the xls from OneSchool was causing some issues. You should copy and paste it into a new sheet and save like the student summary import. The online instructions have been udpated.
FIXED Repaired TT import script, so that fields with various versions of “yrs” and “mths” are set to decimals
FIXED Repaired issue where to properly fill in staff email addresses with “” during a timetable import


ADDED Custom fields export and import
ADDED NAPLAN Summary data for 2019, can now do a NAPLAN Summary import with new data
ADDED New tab for “Tags” under internal notes that shows the date added and who by. Can be manually searched
UPDATED List view 11 now shows unit progress as well as most recent result. Can also export as well. Very useful for current year 11s
UPDATED List views now save with more information showing in A3 landscape (changed from 67% scaling to 59%)
UPDATED List view 9 has additional columns for extra fields from the student summary
UPDATED List view 8 now saves better in A4 format
IMPORTANT Important fixes applied for Absence List import to address a bug introduced with v3.305
FIXED Resolved issue with QCE learning name during SLIMs import
FIXED File format naming message for new Parent List import
FIXED VET Qualification naming issue during new VET Competencies import
FIXED Added extra reporting for any record locking errors during imports
FIXED Sort orders on new “AY – Attendance YTD” list view


ADDED 3 all new list views, “11. Senior Schooling 2019”, “12. SS, Tags and Custom Fields” and “Attendance YTD + CF”
ADDED Added “VET, QCE and Results” data wall to 5 per page datawall options
ADDED New VET Competencies import from the Student Management Portal – creates VET lines using the percentage of competencies completed. This is a workaround to replace the old SLIMs import for current year 11s until a better VET import is made available. It is limited to one Qualification per file, and only Internal VET courses as these are all you can export
ADDED New VET Competencies profile page with detail about progress for each competency line
ADDED Added Custom Fields in more places and default options in ‘settings > utilities’. Custom fields are an alternative to tags, and work better for recording dates or a stage of a process as they support typing free text
ADDED Added new ‘Parent List’ import – this will replace our existing ‘Parent Details’ import as it did not include the ‘receives correspondence’ field from OneSchool. With the new import, parent email addresses will be ignored if this is not marked as “Y”
UPDATED Added two extra ‘other’ boxes to the results search page. This allows adding multiple extra codes to a results search(eg N, CNA, UNS). We also extended the list of preset options to choose from
UPDATED Removed achievement code of SAT from the regular achievement search as it was affecting the GPA. Instead please use the ‘results search’ to include SAT results with an ‘other’ search box
UPDATED Regular tag searches are now exact match searches so that partial matches are not included. The advanced find tag search still supports partial matches if this is needed
UPDATED Added HUM and HAS to core subjects selection list on advanced find
UPDATED QCE estimates are now hidden for students marked as QCIA in the yellow ‘other’ section on the profile page
UPDATED JCE now calculates for year 10 students as well as years 7-9
UPDATED For users not using Server, you can now skip backups for any import except the results import (be careful now)
UPDATED New Progress Check and Attendance Check profiles now support emailing
UPDATED Profile selection (purple area on profile page) now has a scroll bar to fit in new options
UPDATED Recently added profile tabs have now been added to the 2 page profile also
FIXED Made changes to the results import to support VET subjects with different timetable and subjectIDs and also to support VET subjects where two classes are run from one package. This is an important change for the few schools affected by these issues
FIXED YTD % attendance in the top ID area of the profile now updates with the ‘Present’ and ‘Present + Approved’ setting option
FIXED Fix applied for absence list import for new students who recorded absences in their first partial week at your school
FIXED New LOA 7-9 tab added to middle section of profile for the year 7-9 module, 8-10 tab in the 10-12 module
FIXED Further fixes to Student Summary import to fix the multi-file import
FIXED Fixes for multi-user sites for imports that write to the student table. Now better reporting for record locking issues
FIXED Fixed issue with hiding a subject from the profile when no results were present
FIXED Fixed issue with colour coding for certain results


ADDED All New ‘constrain’ and ‘extend’ options in the advanced find panel. This lets you stack multiple finds on top of each other, either constraining or extending your found set each time. This adds lots of power to TrackEd finds.
ADDED All New ‘Attendance Check’ profile with a simple A4 traffic light attendance display per student. You can edit the text for each band on the ‘Settings > General 2’ page.
ADDED All New ‘Behaviour Check’ profile. This profile is designed to be printed or emailed to staff and manually completed for persistent behaviour monitoring purposes.
ADDED All New ‘Quadrant Coaching’ tab to the bottom section of the profile. You can set 4 labels in the settings area by year level ranges and print out on the profile to help with simple coaching conversations.
ADDED All New ‘selectable subjects’ list view. Allows you to select 12 subjects to show as columns on the list view with results, effort, behaviour and trends for each. Settings page contains default subject lists for each module by year level ranges.
ADDED All New ‘consecutive absences’ find option. Looks for consecutive absences within a date range and returns a report with 5 students per page sorted by absences. Can then filter by number of consecutive absences once the report loads.
ADDED All new ‘TT” tab under the internal notes on the profile page, allowing you to manually enter or edit Tracking Template data per student. Avoids having to import new data for single students.
UPDATED In bulk email SMTP setup, added an option for a different ‘reply to’ address (eg
FIXED Applied fixes for age formatting with Tracking Template imports displayed in ‘x yrs y mths’ format.
FIXED Fixed formatting issue with 15 per page latest results 2 datawall in the last column.