ADDED All new import system has been enabled as a beta release. It has been a long time cooking and we have tested it as thoroughly as we can. To use the new import system ensure you have Filemaker 19 running and click the new yellow button on the import page. Only the ‘frequent’ imports are enabled with this method for now, with more imports to be added soon. The very first time you use it, there may be a security setting to accept on the import screen for some users. All data stays within your PC and school server if you are using one. For any schools that make use of this feature we would love to hear your feedback
FIXED Added fixes for the QCE Core contribution sum from subjects
FIXED Fixed ‘add row’ button on the Tracking Template manual entry page (found in the extras tab of the profile)
FIXED Fix applied for coloured highlighting of some homework scores
FIXED Fix applied to timetable import to prevent some subjects being removed before they have results entered

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ADDED New feature to quickly add new students from other schools, private schools or from other states. Using a plus button from the home page you can enter a student ID then fill in a latest result for each subject. For year 11 and 12 students you can also add unit outcomes and IA Task scores. Using the timetable and student summary imports subjects are pre-filled, and new ones can be added easily. this feature only works once for each new student and will not work for students with existing results already imported
ADDED Added new alternative profile option called ‘absences’, showing a full list of absences for any student with a selectable year and week range
ADDED Added new two page option to the attendance check profile showing the new absence list as a second page
ADDED Added new ‘Notes’ list view allowing you to view, edit and export all notes fields from one list view
ADDED Added ‘ID search’ options for LUI, USI and MIS to the existing ID search on the find panel
ADDED Added the ability to manually override task assessment IA totals on the subject list utility report. This allows corrections or manual entries for new students to be completed quickly in a neat list view. Also added a search for IA manual entries on the way into the report
ADDED Added manual entry for new VET lines to the “VET & QCE: Est & awarded” tab on the profile. This green “+” button allows you to add new VET rows without a VET Template import. Along with the new yellow edit button and new red delete button, you can now manage external VET all from within TrackEd
ADDED Added new option for a customised search called ‘omit preset roll classes’. To use this add a list of roll classes to the new setting option. For any found set, or from various reports you can click the ‘omit preset roll classes’ option to remove those roll classes for the found students. This is useful for schools with externally enrolled students to quickly filter for just internally enrolled students
ADDED Added new ‘events’ import and alternative profile. This will complement a soon to be released barcode scanning tool, allowing you to scan students into events and import those to TrackEd
ADDED Added the ‘simple attendance’ option to the bottom part of the profile
UPDATED Subject list utility now has filter options for senior subjects and manual IA entries to filter down subject lists when loading the report. Also added various subheadings depending on the sort order selected
UPDATED Task Progress tab on the profile page has been significantly optimised to render at least 4 times faster
UPDATED ‘Settings > Utilities > Task Assessment’ cleanup now supports more granular control to clear just certain subjects or tasks for specific cohorts
UPDATED Attendance check profile now includes an option to show the number of days absent as well as the percentage attendance
UPDATED Removed the QCAA ID from various places and made LUI the default for senior
UPDATED During a photos import, TrackEd will check for a valid TrackEd_Photos database before the import and give a helpful message if not found
UPDATED The coaching notes import will now only add the ‘coach’ and ‘date’ for notes and internal notes columns. Other columns will just insert the new note and push other notes down
FIXED Coaching notes export now includes students in current found set, which was removed in a recent version
FIXED Student summary imports now allow dashes in roll class names (were previously removed)
FIXED Student details imports now handle prep cohort naming in the same way as student summary imports
FIXED Fixed timetable import so that dropped subjects with a unit outcome will not be cleared
FIXED QCE Calculations are updated for extension subjects so they only contribute 2 points maximum
FIXED Repaired issue with the NCCD Template export that was preventing some customised headers from being exported
IMPORTANT We are still putting the finishing touches on our all new import system. This is a huge 12 month project that we have been working on in the background, that will make your imports much faster and easier to manage. We hope to announce the first stage of this new functionality soon and remind schools that it is will require version 19 of filemaker to work. We are also hard at work on an all new ‘interactive datawall’ concept for live datawall displays. Please stay tuned for these massive new features coming soon. As always we would love to hear from you

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ADDED EQ ID is now a user field option for datawalls, ProgressTrackers and ClassMats. Useful for generating NAPLAN seating plans with a TrackEd datawall. 
ADDED Added ability to edit VET qualifications directly on the profile using the yellow edit button. Just on the ‘VET & QCE: Est & Awarded’ tab for now, but we will copy it elsewhere once we get feedback
ADDED Added ‘mon’ button to Senior Schooling tab, allowing you to set monitor flags for units 1, 2, 3&4. These show an orange indicator when set and are searchable with the Unit Progress search
ADDED Added monitor flags for units 1, 2 and 3-4 on the units 1-2 tab, Unit Progress Search, IA Cumulative % Search and subject list utility
UPDATED ‘Settings > Utilities > Task Assessment Cleanup’ button is hidden while we work on making it more functional
FIXED Fixed an issue for those using automatic updates where the find menu buttons were hidden

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UPDATED Subject list utility now has extra sort options to sort by roll class or classIDs with page breaks for each class. There is also a new ‘senior subject’ button to mark a year 10 subject as year 11 so it appears in the senior schooling sections of TrackEd (ie useful for short courses etc completed in year 10)
UPDATED A subject code of SCN has been added as sufficient for a numeracy tick if also added to the ATAR subjects list in the settings page
UPDATED Reworked the new QR Codes feature so that you can have multiple different QR codes and notes in the different sections of the profile

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IMPORTANT This is a huge release based on lots of great feedback at our recent workshops. Thank you all so much for helping to improve TrackEd for all schools. Please read below to see all that we have included in this new version

ADDED New QR Code functionality to add a generic link to student profiles. This enables you to provide links to supporting materials provided by the school, so students or parents can scan the code to access the information. The QR can support any link, so this could also be used to distribute survey links via QR code as well. There is a space to the left of the QR code to add generic notes to explain the supporting materials. The QR can be displayed in any section of the profile using the ‘Temporary Note & QR’ display options 
ADDED New ‘Favourite Reports’ menu on the profile page. This is a school managed list of all your favourite reports for each year level range, to make report selection faster and more intuitive
ADDED New ‘Results Template’ export and import options. This allows you to export a basic excel file, based on the timetable, to enter subject results and import back into TrackEd for when the results are not exportable from OneSchool
ADDED Added new buttons to ‘email all timetable teachers’ with the currently viewed profile for the current student. The email will open in Outlook with the teacher emails filled in based on the timetable and the profile attached. The new buttons are available on all profiles pages, so useful when you have specific questions for teachers about a student and want to attach some data
ADDED Added new profile option ‘Senior Schooling Percentages’ showing task percentage scores rather than points
ADDED Added new profile option ‘Task Progress’ showing bar charts of criteria scores
ADDED Added new 5 per page datawall ‘EMS Trends & Tracking’ with 3 semesters of ENG, MAT, SCI results, GPA, BPA and EPA trends and two selectable tracking templates for diagnostics
ADDED Added new 5 per page datawall ‘Results, Units and QCE’. Used with the 3 per page ‘VET’ option (below) this is the datawall with the most space for senior school tracking
ADDED Added new 3 per page notes option of ‘VET’ to display VET data under any other 5 per page datawall type. We recommend its used with the new Results, Units and QCE option
ADDED New option in the simple list view, ‘selection options’ button, allowing you to paste in a list of IDs and have those students highlight in the list. Also improved the selection options button to turn green when selections have been applied to make it easier to find
ADDED Added an ‘MIS’ search option to the ID search. You can now paste in a list of student emails and return those students in TrackEd
ADDED Added new selectable ‘user field’ options for ‘total behaviours’ and the ‘ATAR estimate’ for use on Datawalls, ProgressTrackers and ClassMats
ADDED Added orange dots next to unit results on the senior schooling tabs for when a monitor flag has been set for that unit
UPDATED Student Summary import will now always add the last 3 semesters of ENG, MAT and SCI results to the results table if there are no results already present and the student is in year 1-9. The check box option on the import page has been removed
UPDATED Timetable imports will now always update the subject list on the profile and reorder the subjects with the current ones at the top. The check box option has been removed
UPDATED VET Competencies alternative profile now has a functional VET and QCE section for entering live changes while reviewing for duplication
UPDATED List view 11 and 12 now allows direct entry of ‘other’ QCE points allowing for negative values to be entered for duplication
UPDATED List view 11 and 12 now includes an estimated and awarded points toggle
UPDATED Coaching notes import will now insert all notes fields at the top and push older notes down. This works across all the notes fields in the template file so you will never overwrite the data in TrackEd
UPDATED Formatting changes for the home page and profile landing page to make them more intuitive
UPDATED Improvements to simple list view for better tag handling, including options to remove tags, and click a tag to search for it. also flags at either side of the notes button to show students with a note or internal note
UPDATED Student Summary import page now only shows one file box, so it reverts to a single file import for now. The new import system will allow you to queue multiple files once it is released soon
UPDATED Absence List import now has a setting for how many weeks to replace, defaulting to 5. This can be changed on the settings page still with a minimum of 5 weeks
UPDATED Added student name to right edge of engagement list view
UPDATED Tidied up the lists for assignable colour field selection on the settings page to group them from where the data is from
UPDATED Added a cancel option when saving a PDF of a list view
UPDATED Sending a quick email will now also add an email log entry like the bulk email does
UPDATED On the attendance list view, the suspensions column is now hidden when printing
UPDATED IDs list view now contains the student MIS and has the QCAA removed
FIXED Fix applied for primary schools running a ClassMat report with no timetable imported. The system will now create the timetable data needed for a ClassMat based on just the student Roll Classes 
FIXED Fix applied to the ATAR eligible search for year 11 students before any results are imported. It will now ignore the literacy flag until results are imported
FIXED Fixed an issue when sending emails to teachers in the email tab of the profile
FIXED Corrections to Absence List in some circumstances
FIXED Hid ClassMat ‘configurations options’ button on all but the first page of the report setup

New QR Codes on profiles
New Senior Schooling Percentages profile option
New Task Progress profile option
New 3 per page datawall with more space for Senior Schooling
New 5 per page datawall ‘EMS, Trends & Tracking’ for Primary and Junior Secondary. The two tracking templates are selectable so you can pick any two diagnostics

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ADDED QISSS Calculation import now also accepts LUI as the student ID
ADDED Recent QISSS changes on student profile now added to 2 page profile
ADDED ClassMat report now has a link to download examples
UPDATED Clicking a student on the progressTracker report opens the student profile bypassing the landing page
UPDATED Timetable import will now always update subject lists, rather than being an option
UPDATED On update the assignable colours will be set to off for the student profile. You can turn it on in the settings page
FIXED Fix for hidden subjects that were manually unhidden in subject list utility
FIXED Fix for menu bar hiding on some windows clients
FIXED Repair to Student Details import when rolling over cohorts for a new year

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ADDED Added the ATAR estimate to list views 11 and 12 from the QISSS import. Schools using the QISSS import can now sort students by ATAR estimate using these views
ADDED Added a QISSS glossary to explain the terms used on the QISSS view on the profile
ADDED Added a new “N” column to the standard list view. This provides a count of N results for each student. As with all list views the column can be sorted and the data can be exported to excel
ADDED Added a new datawall user field for USI. You can now display the USI on any datawall under the student photo
ADDED Added a year level filter to the ‘subject list utility’ report. This lets you limit the subject lists to only those with results from a selected year level
ADDED Added a “Go” button to the simple list to go directly to the selected students profile
UPDATED Added a blue highlight to the selected student on the simple list view to help you keep your place when working through a list of students
UPDATED Student Summary import will now add ENG, MAT and SCI results to any student with no results already imported. To apply this you will need to check the ‘add results’ checkbox on the import page
UPDATED Updated QISSS Display on the profile and changed disclaimer text for QTAC
UPDATED Link to join the TrackEd mailing list added to the home page. If you are a TrackEd user and you do not already get our newsletters please sign up now
FIXED Repaired ‘select all’ button for subjects list on ClassMat setup
FIXED Repaired ‘year level’ selector for PAT searches on the find panel
FIXED Repaired an issue with the navigation scripts for list view 12 and 13
FIXED Applied rounding to ClassMat user fields when displayed as a sort value to display recurring numbers better

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ADDED Linked the results search report to the subject list utility report with a button labelled ‘show subject history’. Can now run a results search, then show a history of results for matching subjects. This maybe helpful in locating long term trends for students currently at risk
ADDED Added a new ClassMat layout option (controlling the centre section of the report) called ‘Quadrant grid’, with 4 quadrants, each divided into 4 columns and 10 rows. This may be useful for listing student names under headings
UPDATED Removed academic year selector from student summary import. We now assume you are importing the current years data
FIXED Fixed issue with name search on the profile landing page where it would not allow a blank search
FIXED Fixed issue with second selector on the ClassMat ‘literacy’ data option
FIXED Fixed issue with a classmat colour key appearing when it shouldn’t

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IMPORTANT This is a required update as the Student Summary file format has changed over the holidays. This update is required as it includes the new PTEP field. If you can’t update right away then please remove that column from the import file before importing the Student Summary
FIXED Fix applied to print visibility for when saving PDFs with new 3 per page datawalls
FIXED Fix applied for ‘bundle’ option in new 3 per page datawalls
FIXED Fix applied to page setup for 5 per page datawalls to fit all 5 rows instead of 4
FIXED Fix to new landing page when selecting a datawall and changing the type field
FIXED Formatting fixes to new ‘Extras’ tab on windows

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IMPORTANT This release includes a number of new items designed to improve performance of TrackEd. We recommend reading this change log to see all the changes. A video will be released soon. We are still working on our new improved import process which when released will also significantly improve the speed and ease of working with TrackEd
ADDED Buttons on the profile page have been redesigned to aid in finding the most important features, to improve smaller monitor performance, to reduce duplication of features and to provide more space for future expansion. Changes to the design are not made lightly however we think these changes will improve the user experience significantly
ADDED All new landing page for the student profile. This page is much faster to load, which in turn speeds up many related processes in TrackEd. Once the page loads you can then click to show student profiles as needed, or do a name search, secondary search or create datawalls. If you prefer the old method of loading profiles every time, then you can check the optional setting ‘go straight to profile data’ on the settings page
ADDED All new redesigned ‘Simple List view’. This is list view is much faster and has been fully updated with faster checkbox selections, sort options and tagging. We like it so much we made it the default for all users when updating to this version. We hope you like it too
ADDED All new 3 per page datawall options. This is available after you load a 5 per page datawall using the “3” at the top of the page. Once open you can then set a notes area that appears under each student with 14 notes and data tile options. This allows for much more flexibility for detailed datawall use cases
ADDED New 9 per page notes selection options of Term grid, 2×3 grid, 2×2 grid, 2×2 colours, 5 rows, 4 circles, and 3 circles. These options can be selected to appear next to each student data tile giving more flexibility for printed datawall use cases
UPDATED Added notes area to the side of all 5 per page datawalls. This area does not print but helps facilitate case management notes entry on any 5 per page datawall
UPDATED Gender is now imported once from OneSchool then never updated again during an import. This allows you to set other Gender codes directly in TrackEd and not have them overwritten from OneSchool imports
UPDATED Assignable colours now have 4 new options of DDA, Special Ed Requirement, Medical Condition Status and Independent Status
UPDATED Supplementary tab now shows 5 new fields of DDA, Special Ed Requirement, Indigenous Status, Medical Condition Status and Independent Status
UPDATED Additional Info Search has been updated to include all new fields including DDA
UPDATED Added key for assigned colours on ClassMat when using the quadrant option
UPDATED During a student summary import the ‘extension and support’ fields are now set for all students
UPDATED Improved the Survey profiles when using the ‘Double’ option to show more space for long answer responses
UPDATED Added subject filter to Subject JCE Report
UPDATED Added navigation to profiles, lists and datawalls from the Unit Progress search
UPDATED QCE contributions from subjects are now a live calculation so update in real time. There is now no need to click the ‘update’ button to apply points from subjects
UPDATED QCE tabs on the profile now allow for manual QCE point estimations to be directly entered. The VET Entries report is still a good cross check of any manual entries
UPDATED Added option to place the ‘TrackEd_Docs’ folder inside the documents folder of your computer and have TrackEd save everything there, instead of the default desktop path
FIXED Fixed some display issues for 15 per page datawall for QCE & Units
FIXED Fixed sort order value 2 display on ClassMat
FIXED Fixed ‘Selected Subject’ import format to import future subject selections into TrackEd to compare with SET Plan recommendations
FIXED Fixed an issue with VET Template imports if random spaces are present before or after text in the excel

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UPDATED Class Builder Class List Simple option now includes the sort weighting value
UPDATED ClassMat “IA Progress” option now uses darker colours for better printing
FIXED Repair to Task Assessment import for FIA4
FIXED Repair to Class Builder export to excel when using the D: path option
FIXED Repair to home screen for filemaker version 19 compatibility

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ADDED All new option to create ClassMat reports using your Class Builder allocations. You can now use TrackEd to build your classes, then create neat ClassMat reports for each class at the press of a button. This will be useful for review and for gathering teacher feedback about classes for next year. It also lets you build ClassMat reports before the timetable goes live in the new year
ADDED New setting option to display the ATAR estimate, from the 3rd party QISSS calculation, on the Senior Schooling tab of the student profile. This is OFF by default, but can now be turned on in the settings page if you want it displayed
UPDATED Task Assessment imports now support importing the ‘Final Result’ for applied and essential subjects from SMS. The imported data will be displayed on the Senior Schooling tab in the ‘cumulative’ column and in the Task Assessment profile under each subject grid
UPDATED 2 new user fields have been added to the ClassMat report, for each of the two sort orders that have been chosen. This allows you for instance to create a Quadrants ClassMat of results vs a diagnostic and show that diagnostic value as a user field under the photo on any data tile options. This will make the ClassMats even more configurable
UPDATED While adding the new ClassMat user fields we also made the sort option labelling better in the top right corner
UPDATED Improvements to the QCE Points calculations for when A-E values are entered in unit 1 & 2 outcome fields in place of S or U. Also updated cloud codes to match
FIXED Repaired Task Assessment FIA4 export for collecting year 11 formative assessment data

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ADDED New button on the “Social Interactions” list view, to add new interactions in the fastest possible way
UPDATED Changed the ‘year 6 futures’ import to add new students in a 2020.F6 cohort. This helps prevent them from being added to an existing year 6 cohort in P-12 schools
UPDATED Unit imports now save the previously imported values and can be compared on the ‘Subject List Utility’ report. This is useful for finding changes in moderation when importing new data from Student Management
FIXED Improved the creation of ClassMat reports on Windows to prevent flashing of the screen as classes are created
FIXED Minor fixes to ClassMat reports in Clockwise placements

Social Interactions List view and new ‘add’ button

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ADDED All new ClassMat “Quadrants” option. Allows you to choose any two things and TrackEd will arrange the class into 4 quadrants, picking the 4 extremes first and leaving 8 students in the middle of the chart. This ClassMat resembles a 2D scatter chart placemat over 2 axis with 4 quadrants. Example quadrant axis include, Result Vs NAPLAN, Result Vs Effort, GPA vs EPA, Attendance VS Effort and many more
ADDED New ClassMat option for ‘Results & NAPLAN’, useful for some new quadrant comparisons between results and NAPLAN data
ADDED New ‘Year 6 Futures’ import option. Still uses the regular ‘student summary’ import file but removes the need to change the year level to year 6 in the file. Found in the middle of the import options just under the core import
UPDATED Student Details import will no longer archive a futures year 6 cohort after import
UPDATED Improved navigation between classes on the ClassMat report 
UPDATED ‘Tracking Template x 2’ middle profile option now shows 3 rows for both portals
UPDATED Added Roll Class to class builder, class list report, social interactions option
UPDATED Removed Task Assessment csv option after SMS changed their export to xlsx. There is now only one SMS format for task assessment uploads
FIXED Repaired behaviour import to update the year of data being displayed in the report with the latest import year. Previously required a restart after importing a new year
FIXED Fix applied for display of Early Start report
FIXED Fixed an incorrect cohort size being displayed in class builder

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ADDED New 5 per page datawall option “Wellbeing, Neg Beh & Notes”
UPDATED Student Summary imports now store the DDA field. Visible in supplementary tab and will be added to more places soon
UPDATED Added LUI number as a user field for datawalls. Could use a photos only datawall with LUI for External Exam seating plans
UPDATED SET Plan Selection import now uses a new format to get data in quicker
UPDATED Improved contrast in ClassMat ‘latest & trend’ data option
UPDATED Various other ClassMat adjustments
FIXED Fixed multi-file import of SMS Unit Results
FIXED Repair for SET P subject selection process to avoid duplicates
FIXED VET Template Import fix for withdrawn subjects
FIXED Repair for archive setting with Student Details import
FIXED Correction for student departure date handling in absence list import

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UPDATED Added new excel based import and instructions for SMS Unit Results since the csv was from removed from the Student Portal recently. The old csv option is still available for those syncing markbook spreadsheets with that format

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IMPORTANT Updated the Student Summary import to add an extra column called “DDA” included in the OneSchool export format.  Updating to this version is required to import the new format successfully
ADDED All New ClassMat report, generating an A3 page per class based on the timetable with students around the outside of the page and space in the middle for teachers to make notes. The ClassMat can be run for any cohort, for any subjects, with 28 sort order options, an optional second sort option, 17 student data tile options, 6 notes area options, 6 assignable colours, and a user field. The report can be bundled by Class or StaffID and even emailed directly to staff with a compatible version of Outlook. We will soon release an alternative placement option called ‘quadrants’ to place students into 4 quadrant areas with two sort selections. We are very excited to release the ClassMat report and hope it supports class placemat planning discussions at the beginning of each semester. Video coming soon
ADDED Updated the ‘Student Details’ import to add new students and archive students who have left. This import can be used for weekly import tasks to update your cohorts without needing to import the student summary each time. As this is one file for your whole school it is much faster to import
UPDATED Included selectable notes boxes on 5 per page datawall, Wellbeing, Att & Neg Beh option
FIXED Fixed formatting issues on Early Start report on Windows
FIXED Fixed House search option in find menu
FIXED Other fixes and improvements

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ADDED Added a new ‘Subject Utilities Report’ which is useful for checking hidden subjects, manual QCE entries, unit entries, IA scores and correcting bad results imports. This will be a useful page for some support calls we take. Might also be a useful report for exporting a cross section of achievement data over time
ADDED Added a new ‘Subject JCE Report’ for schools that calculate JCE points based on specific achievement, behaviour and effort scores over a whole year. This is a massive report with a row per subject per student 
ADDED Added a senior schooling tab for year 11 students when the FIA1 to FIA4 task assessment imports are being entered. It works like the year 12 version though is specific to year 11 data
ADDED Added a new 5 per page datawall called “Wellbeing, Att & Neg Behaviour”
UPDATED The Tag Search window now has more space for when a school has hundreds of tags to choose from
UPDATED Added 2017 answer keys for Early Start imports letting you import a longer history for current year 3 students
UPDATED Improvements to survey layouts to fit in more lines
FIXED Fix for results search with ‘OR’ option selected that caused no results to be shown in certain cases
FIXED Fix applied to list view 13 that was showing some incorrect IA data in some cases
FIXED Fixed an issue when changing wellbeing settings to make those settings immediately applied
FIXED Fixed Duplicate VET search on the VET Competencies page
FIXED Added all sorts of knowledge-base articles for new features (still more to update)
FIXED More background housekeeping. It’s like cleaning the store room that nobody sees, but super helpful when we need to go find something

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Recent Update Videos

All new ICP levels search, report, profile views and datawall (P-12)…

Completely revised Advanced Find Panel (P-12)…

All new Assignable Colours for profiles, datawalls and ProgressTracker reports (P-12)…

All new Early Start import, profile sections and full page view (P-3)…

All New Microsoft Forms integration for student surveys (P-12)…

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ADDED ALL NEW ICP year levels by subject added to every existing results view option on the student profile and 2 page profile. ICP headers are hidden for students without ICPs. This has been an often requested feature and we are very pleased to get it into your hands with this release
ADDED ALL NEW ‘ICP Results’ search, returns any subjects that have an ICP level assigned from the latest results import. The old ICP search is still available based on the ICP field in the student summary file, but this new search will return the actual subjects that match rather than just students, and you can still return to a student list once the report loads. 
ADDED ALL NEW ‘Ach & ICP’ 5 per page datawall options, covering 4 year blocks from P-12. These show ICP levels along with achievement scores so you can monitor progress over time
ADDED New alternative views for the ’Survey’ profile for short answers, extended answers or surveys over time
ADDED All new survey profiles now available as a full second page in the 2 page profile view
UPDATED Enabled bulk emailing of survey profiles
UPDATED Revised survey import process to make it more intuitive
UPDATED Early Start import is now set to xlsx due to an incompatible xls format from OS
FIXED Fix for QCE Subject contributions for subjects hidden from unit views but not regular views
FIXED Added subject code of MAX to maths subject list
FIXED Adjustment to ‘add account’ process to prevent using reserved accounts
FIXED Fixed unit progress export headers to match what is required by SMS
FIXED All sorts of housekeeping to remove features no longer in use
FIXED Minor layout improvements

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ADDED New 9 and 15 per page datawall for Student Summary data with 2 selectable tracking template diagnostics called “St Summary & TT x2”
UPDATED SET Plan Selected import now accepts up to 12 columns of line data
UPDATED SET Plan Selected export now gives an option to export all recommendations instead of just selected subjects
UPDATED Added the school calendar dates through to 2025 used with the absence list import
UPDATED Improved the utility option called Task Assessment Repair to handle a wider range of import issues
FIXED Applied fixes to SET Plan Settings page to ensure prerequisites are always entered against a cohort
FIXED Applied another tweak to Student Summary import to try and fix multi-file imports
FIXED Applied rounding to the points field in the Unit Progress import
FIXED Applied fix for a filemaker v19 bug when loading datawalls
FIXED Minor layout fixes and improvements

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