ADDED All New Bubble Chart, showing a students position compared to their peers. This can be run for Senior Schooling ISMG progress scores or for GPA, EPA, BPA, Attendance, NAPLAN or PAT scores. You can run any one datapoint with multiple students per page or compare up to 6 data points on one page for a single student
ADDED All new Export format for Task Assessment data collection using the same format as required to upload into SMS. Can be exported without data for data collection or with data for upload into SMS. Found as an option inside the existing Task Assessment export button. Note: new matching import coming soon
ADDED Added a new page two option for the bottom half of the profile called ‘Coaching Notes & Goals’. This shows the coaching notes normally only shown on datawalls, and not the regular notes field
FIXED Fix applied to restore missing zeros at the start of LUI numbers during the ‘VET Template’ import