ADDED New name search from the home page allowing direct navigation to a specific student profile
ADDED New ‘Units, VET, QCE & Notes’ 5 per page datawall for Senior Schooling with the ability to add case management notes right onto the datawall
UPDATED Home page changes to incorporate name search, allowing space for new list and datawall links to be added soon
UPDATED Subject manual entries report now shows unit columns
UPDATED Unit Progress search now includes unit 3&4 option for criteria
UPDATED Unit Progress search report now includes unit 3&4 results
UPDATED TT tab at far right of profile now allows you to delete an entire tracking template import 
UPDATED New student import now allows for unit results to be entered and imported
FIXED Added multiple fixes for Task Assessment import
FIXED QCE calculation fix for a specific scenario
FIXED Show all option for unit progress report now limits to year 11 & 12 subjects
FIXED Replaced NCCD guidelines list if missing
FIXED Added more error trapping for various imports
FIXED Other minor improvements and fixes