ADDED Task Assessment import now accepts the SMS data downloaded from SMS for General, Applied and essential subjects. There are now 4 fie format options on the import page
UPDATED 5 per page datawall ‘Results, Units, VET & QCE’ now supports 7 subjects and 4 VET courses. This is likely our best Senior Schooling datawall
UPDATED Sort order for Senior Subjects has changed to better handle a mix of General and Applied subjects
UPDATED New Task Assessment setting to allow different SMS and OneSchool subject codes. Can be set for MXC, MXP, MXM to allow for an MUX OneSchool code
UPDATED Colour coding added for Senior Schooling tab unit 3 & 4 results
FIXED Various fixes for Task Assessment displays
FIXED Repair to VET Competencies import for when the ‘Student ID’ column is blank