ADDED New profile option called ‘Results A-E Vs Cohort’. Shows up to 9 subjects with horizontal bar charts of the cohort A-E breakdown, with the current students result highlighted. This is an effective and compact view showing a students position within the cohort
UPDATED 5 per page datawalls with VET data now all show estimated and awarded values with a toggle for the totals
UPDATED Bubble chart now allows you to scale by half or by one quarter. This is useful when charting large cohorts
UPDATED Bubble chart for senior schooling data now shows a colour A-E key if percentage cutoffs have been entered on the settings page
UPDATED Profile ‘Results 11-12’ now includes the GPA line with hide option
UPDATED Quadrant coaching notes boxes now fit 3 lines of data in the top and bottom quadrants
FIXED Added potential fix for student summary multi file import and improved error logging
FIXED Improved sorting behaviour for multi-file imports on import page

New profile option ‘Results A-E Vs Cohort’