ADDED All new assignable colours added to the profile and 5 per page datawalls. This allows you to configure up to 6 coloured circles if a specific tag is present or if a Y is present for ATSI, AIMS, OOHC, CO or EALD. The settings can be set independently for year ranges of P-2, 3-6, 7-9 or 10-12. As you can set specific tags as colours then can be used for virtually anything, including risk categories or specific monitoring groups
ADDED Coming Soon: The assignable colours will be added to all remaining datawalls and the settings area will allow for saved templates, allowing to quickly swap colour sets out for different purposes
UPDATED SET Plan settings area now allows an OR rule as well as the existing AND rules for a single subject. This allows you to set rules for standard or extension subjects and either will meet the requirements
UPDATED SET Plan settings area now allows you to manually add subjects that are not currently offered, but will be next year
UPDATED A-E Summary report can now be sorted by ATSI, AIMS and EALD with class breakdowns separated for each group
UPDATED ATAR Eligible columns on list view 11 are now all sortable and changed colour formatting. May be useful for sorting students to check accuracy
FIXED PDF Bundling by timetable now includes the StaffID at the start of the file name to make it easier to distribute bundles to staff
FIXED Fixed QISSS export when using the ‘Cumulative IA’ option
FIXED Fixed 3 week average on 15 student per page datawall, attendance and wellbeing option in columns 2 and 5
FIXED Applied fixes for results searches with non standard achievement codes
FIXED Various minor interface improvements