ADDED ALL NEW ICP year levels by subject added to every existing results view option on the student profile and 2 page profile. ICP headers are hidden for students without ICPs. This has been an often requested feature and we are very pleased to get it into your hands with this release
ADDED ALL NEW ‘ICP Results’ search, returns any subjects that have an ICP level assigned from the latest results import. The old ICP search is still available based on the ICP field in the student summary file, but this new search will return the actual subjects that match rather than just students, and you can still return to a student list once the report loads. 
ADDED ALL NEW ‘Ach & ICP’ 5 per page datawall options, covering 4 year blocks from P-12. These show ICP levels along with achievement scores so you can monitor progress over time
ADDED New alternative views for the ’Survey’ profile for short answers, extended answers or surveys over time
ADDED All new survey profiles now available as a full second page in the 2 page profile view
UPDATED Enabled bulk emailing of survey profiles
UPDATED Revised survey import process to make it more intuitive
UPDATED Early Start import is now set to xlsx due to an incompatible xls format from OS
FIXED Fix for QCE Subject contributions for subjects hidden from unit views but not regular views
FIXED Added subject code of MAX to maths subject list
FIXED Adjustment to ‘add account’ process to prevent using reserved accounts
FIXED Fixed unit progress export headers to match what is required by SMS
FIXED All sorts of housekeeping to remove features no longer in use
FIXED Minor layout improvements