ADDED Added a new ‘Subject Utilities Report’ which is useful for checking hidden subjects, manual QCE entries, unit entries, IA scores and correcting bad results imports. This will be a useful page for some support calls we take. Might also be a useful report for exporting a cross section of achievement data over time
ADDED Added a new ‘Subject JCE Report’ for schools that calculate JCE points based on specific achievement, behaviour and effort scores over a whole year. This is a massive report with a row per subject per student 
ADDED Added a senior schooling tab for year 11 students when the FIA1 to FIA4 task assessment imports are being entered. It works like the year 12 version though is specific to year 11 data
ADDED Added a new 5 per page datawall called “Wellbeing, Att & Neg Behaviour”
UPDATED The Tag Search window now has more space for when a school has hundreds of tags to choose from
UPDATED Added 2017 answer keys for Early Start imports letting you import a longer history for current year 3 students
UPDATED Improvements to survey layouts to fit in more lines
FIXED Fix for results search with ‘OR’ option selected that caused no results to be shown in certain cases
FIXED Fix applied to list view 13 that was showing some incorrect IA data in some cases
FIXED Fixed an issue when changing wellbeing settings to make those settings immediately applied
FIXED Fixed Duplicate VET search on the VET Competencies page
FIXED Added all sorts of knowledge-base articles for new features (still more to update)
FIXED More background housekeeping. It’s like cleaning the store room that nobody sees, but super helpful when we need to go find something