ADDED All new Set Plan functionality providing personalised subject recommendation lists based on recent results and school based minimum grade recommendations
ADDED New ‘Subject Details’ import to add year 11 subject offerings for SET Plan process
ADDED New ‘SET Plan’ settings area to set prerequisites for year 11 subject codes based on year 8-10 results (based on most recent result for any cohort)
ADDED New profile options for a subject list that ‘Meets recommendations’ and ‘Doesn’t meet recommendations’ for each student, colour coded by type
ADDED Ability to select subjects, make notes and list only selected subjects with their notes. Generic notes can be added and the profile emailed home
ADDED New ‘sparkline’ feature showing secondary trends in Achievement, effort and behaviour over time. This is off by default but can be enabled on the settings page
UPDATED QISSS export now supports options to output the cumulative IA percentage for year 12s or the imported raw result for year 11s. Also added the option to export and import either the UUID or an EQID
UPDATED The students House is now shown on the profile with a setting option to hide it. House is also included in the class builder
UPDATED Beta release of the Jotform Survey tool has been placed on hold as it has been blocked for student access while at school. We are working on other solutions for a future release. The feature will remain available with that known limitation
FIXED Fixed issue with ProgressTracker report listing all students in the cohort for each subject choice
FIXED Fixed bug introduced in v3.366 that hid some subjects on list view 11 and 13
FIXED Datawall buttons on profiles and lists now hidden when printing and saving PDFs
FIXED Increased size of subject selection area for A-E results summary report
FIXED Fixed Quadrant Coaching labels in settings area