ADDED ALL NEW – ATAR Eligible search released as a beta feature. Based on 5 General, 4 General + 1 Cert 3/4 or 4 General + 1 Applied. Must have a literacy pass or also flagged as ineligible
ADDED New ATAR Eligible course counts shown on list view 11 and 5 per page ‘results, units, VET & QCE’ datawall. The datawall is the best place to check accuracy of the search. This is a beta feature until tested more thoroughly and is the basis of a new ATAR Eligible search (also in beta). Please do send any feedback to our team
UPDATED Cumulative % find report can now be sorted by subject and cumulative percent for subject awards
UPDATED SET PLAN selected subjects list now shows up to 10 subjects
FIXED Fixed import guide link for new Subject Details import
FIXED Repaired issue with Results search for OR searches looking for minimum subject counts greater than 1

New ATAR Eligibility data (beta release) 5 per page datawall > ‘Results, Units, VET & QCE’