ADDED Added Assignable Symbols to all datawall types. You can now set up to 6 coloured dots have them conditionally appear on all profile and datawall photos
ADDED Added the ability to save multiple setups for assignable symbols and recall saved settings as required. This may be useful if you have multiple types of tags for different roles. You could set up colours for At risk, learning support, behaviour and attendance management separately (colour key coming soon for datawalls)
UPDATED Assignable Symbols now include options for ATSI and ATAR Eligible
UPDATED ATAR Eligible now available as a User field on most datawalls
UPDATED SET Plan Settings now allows you to delete subject offerings individually or completely
UPDATED Reformatted colours in SET Plan, ‘Doesn’t meet recommendations’ to be more mellow
UPDATED Task Assessment export now has an ‘all’ subjects option
UPDATED Two Page Profile now allows for bulk emailing. Updated formatting in other profiles too
UPDATED Class Builder now allows you to mouse over social interactions and see all negative and positive relationships across the cohort and not just the class. This allows you to help match up friendship groups
FIXED Fixed an issue with updating the Senior Schooling tab when using the TrackEd Template import format 
FIXED Fixed an issue when importing ‘DNA’ Task Assessment results. Keen to hear if it works now 🙂
FIXED Fixed VET estimates where a decimal place was calculated. They are now rounded down to a whole number
FIXED Various small layout improvements and fixes
FIXED Improved performance of some operations involving the student profile page