IMPORTANT This is a huge update with lots of new functionality, so please read the change log below to discover all the new fun stuff 🙂 The early start, subject selections and microsoft forms imports are released in beta until some schools try them out live, and there may be some follow up patch releases. We would love to hear from any early adopters!
ADDED Big redesign of the Advanced Find making it much more useful and accessible. The following new search options have been added
– Year Range (can set any year level range within searches)
– House
– CO
– Absences (range)
– Behaviour (range)
– YTD % Attendance (range)
– ATAR Eligible
– Missing core
ADDED Added buttons to launch an advanced find from the home page, profile page and list page with any display option showing, making it much easier to run common searches. The advanced find is a powerful tool as it includes some options not available elsewhere, allows multi-criteria searches, and allows you to stack multiple searches with the ‘constrain’ option. A new video overview is coming very soon
ADDED All new ‘Early Start’ import for Prep to year 2 literacy and numeracy results. These can be displayed on new Early Start profiles and as tab options on the regular profile
ADDED All new Microsoft Forms import. Allows you to import excel data from student surveys and display on the survey profile option in TrackEd. This feature replaces the Jotforms integration previously added, using a more commonly available survey platform. It is also free for EQ schools
ADDED Assignable Symbols have now been added to the ProgressTracker report with a separate setting option to hide. This means you can add coloured dots to any profile, datawall or ProgressTracker report universally
ADDED New ’Subject Selections’ import allowing you to import selections directly from OneSchool. Selections can be shown on the profile, and with the Set Plan recommendations process can highlight selections against recommendations
ADDED New ‘SET Plan Selected Subjects’ export allowing you to export selections with a column to show if they were recommended or not
UPDATED Two page profile now includes the new SET Plan view options. Used in conjunction with the second page ‘SET Plan Advice’ you can now create a two page document with a place for parent, student and staff signatures
UPDATED Results search panel, selected subjects option, now only lists subject codes for selected cohort and reporting period, making the list much smaller
UPDATED Results search can now be launched from the Advanced Find panel (and vice versa)
UPDATED Results search now allows you to set different cohorts for the current search without having to visit the home page first
UPDATED Results Search now allows for an exact number of subject matches instead of just a selected number of matches or more
UPDATED ProgressTracker list page now includes a column for House, allowing you to build ProgressTracker reports with House as a rank or sort option
UPDATED User fields on datawalls now have option for ‘House’, allowing it to be displayed on any datawall under the student photo
UPDATED Improved rounding for YTD attendance in datawall user fields to allow one decimal place
UPDATED Reformatted datawall user fields to allow more space for longer data (eg house names)
FIXED Repaired an issue with the Task Assessment Template export with the ‘All’ option selected
FIXED Repaired an issue with the Task Assessment imports for “DNA” Results
FIXED Repaired user field option ‘ATAR’
FIXED Repairs for VET Template import
FIXED Repaired issue with some subject codes for numeracy tick
FIXED Repaired issue with behaviour incidents report that prevented student names from showing
FIXED Some layout improvements for searches and report selection when using a small monitor