ADDED New ‘Literacy’ option for 15 and 9 per page datawalls. Includes 2 selectable tracking template fields that can be set with a default Tracking Template on the ‘settings > default view’ page, and the default field picked on the ‘Tracking Template Settings’ page
ADDED Added ‘House’ Sort option to ‘attendance dashboard’ report. Can now give percentage attendance for each house in your school
ADDED Added ID Search to the Advanced Find panel
UPDATED Optimised the Advanced Find to make it run faster
UPDATED Updated some individual search panels to match the advanced find panel
UPDATED Retired ‘datawall’ access level so it can’t be added to new accounts
UPDATED Retired ‘faces’ datawall from reports menu
FIXED Applied fixes for restricted and read only accounts with multiple search options
FIXED Applied fix for Microsoft Forms import when certain characters are used in headers and responses
FIXED Fixes for Datawall 15 per page, QCE & Units
FIXED Fixes for closing a Datawall when it is last window open to prevent accidental closing of TrackEd
FIXED Fixes for SET Plan recommendation process to improve reliability
FIXED Fix for when a preferred name is missing (subject details import) but the ‘use preferred names’ setting is on. Will now just revert to legal name
FIXED Fixed bug on latest results tab when hiding a subject for a whole cohort